Professor Jay Mannadiar has been teaching business courses at Concordia and McGill University for nearly 30 years. He has educated and inspired thousands of people worldwide, from business executives to university students.

Professor Mannadiar’s knowledge and experience in accounting, finance and economics and his passion for teaching enables him to help his students get quick and efficient results. His focus on helping his students to succeed in the real world has earned him the coveted Teacher of the Year Award from the Concordia University Graduate Diploma Program and the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Concordia University Business Faculty.

Professor Mannadiar is also the creator of the award-winning Introduction to Real Estate (FINA210) course which has become one of Concordia’s most in-demand classes. It quickly earned a favorable reputation among students and is offered both online and in-class. FINA210 won the prestigious 2013 Award of Merit from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE).

He also offers an Introduction to Financial Management (FINA 230) online course which was specifically created for non-business students that continues to gain popularity.

Most recently, Professor Mannadiar and his expert team has launched a website which offers a series of tailored practical seminars from real estate, financial management, entrepreneurship, network marketing, web design, international finance and more. These action-oriented seminars have been designed for busy professionals, including brokers, trust officers, private bankers, financial trading officers, business account managers, customer service representatives and students.

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“This class was everything I expected and more. It’s been said over and over again by financial experts that real estate is the most stable and viable business that anyone can get into. Whatever the state of your financial situation at the outset, if you’re interested in getting into real estate and want to learn more about your options, this class is worth taking.”

Matthew Sousa, journalism major

“I loved the fact that I got to stay home and learn about Real Estate, plus I was able to work around my schedule.”

Rebecca Thompson, film major

“I’m really glad I took this class. I’ve learned so much on Real Estate and Professor Jay always made it interesting. Any student, who has the opportunity to take the class, should. I got some good feedback from previous students that took the class and loved it, so I was convinced.”

Maxime Boulets, theatre major